Russ Wada

Senior Vice President, Integrated Drug Development


Menlo Park, CA

About Russ Wada

Dr. Russell Wada has over 20 years of modeling experience in clinical pharmacology and drug development. He joined Certara (formerly Quantitative Solutions) in 2005 after spending eight years at Pharsight Corporation (now Certara) most recently as VP of the Drug Development Consulting Services. During his career in academics as well as in consulting services, he has established himself as a thought leader in the field of pharmacometrics. He has worked with more than 30 pharmaceutical companies and modeled more than 150 compounds in clinical development. His work covers all therapeutic areas, with recent focus in infectious diseases, neuroscience, oncology, and respiratory diseases.

Dr. Russell Wada received his PhD from UCLA in 1991, after which he received a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University under Dr. Donald Stanski and Dr. William Ebling. He held the position of research associate in Stanford University Department of Anesthesia for four years prior to joining Pharsight Corp in 1997. When Russ is not modeling, he enjoys youth athletics, classical music, a scrappy game of basketball, and reading fantasy and science fiction.