Roberto Heredia Ortiz

Scientist, Integrated Drug Development


Montreal, Quebec

About Roberto Heredia Ortiz

Roberto Heredia Ortiz has over 18 years of mathematical modeling experience in several fields of natural and social sciences. He has recently turned his attention to clinical pharmacology and drug development. He joined the Pharmacometrics group in Certara in 2015. His work covers population PK/PD analysis, compartmental and non-compartmental analysis, sparse and rich data analysis, semi-physiological PK/PD modeling, optimization of time sampling strategies, and early clinical studies. Specifically, Roberto has worked on Phase I (MTD, SAD, MAD, BA/BE, Food Effect, DDI studies; studies in special populations (eg, pediatric population, renal and hepatic impaired patients) and Phase II studies (in patients for dosing requirements and efficacy in clinical development).

Dr. Heredia Ortiz received a PhD in Particle Physics from McGill University and in Public Health from the University of Montreal. He held the position of research associate at the Monterrey Institute of Technology, Laval University and University of Montreal. Dr. Heredia Ortiz is fluent in French, English, and Spanish. Roberto enjoys literature, ant watching, experimental cooking, Mexican wrestling, dreaming, environmental solutions, soccer world cup extravaganza, post-rock, tennis, Japanese cinematography, wine tasting, visual arts, ghost hunting, Red Cross donation, pinning on chess, snowball combats and basic crazy carpet sliding.