Rik de Greef

Senior Vice President, Integrated Drug Development


Oss, NL

About Rik de Greef

Rik de Greef joined Certara (formerly Quantitative Solutions) in July 2014 as Executive Director and lead of the group in Oss, The Netherlands. Rik has been trained as a PK/PD scientist at Leiden University, The Netherlands. In 1998, he joined Organon, where he has been the key driver for the successful implementation of model-based drug development approaches, supporting the development and registration of asenapine (schizophrenia and bipolar disorder) and corifollitropin alfa (fertility).

Over the years, Rik has taken on roles with increasing responsibilities within Organon and its successor companies, Schering-Plough and Merck/MSD. Most recently, has was site lead for Clinical PK/PD. In this role he has led the expansion of the group from 15 to 34 coworkers. Also, he has led the preparations of the early clinical components of the BLA submission for Merck’s key program in oncology, pembrolizumab.

Rik’s key interests are in the integration of model-based components with overall clinical pharmacology and clinical development deliverables throughout the development trajectory. He enjoys combining his analytical skills and creativity in designing efficient drug development strategies that address the right questions at the right time. In his spare time, Rik enjoys spending time with his family and fostering his broad range of other interests: music, nature, design, food and combinations thereof.