Nemanja Milisavljevic

Marketing Director

About Nemanja Milisavljevic

Nemanja Milisavljevic, Senior Marketing Director of Certara Evidence & Access, joined Certara in 2015. He has served in a number of important roles – initially working directly with clients as a Health Economics Consultant and later built long-term business relationships as a Customer Success Manager. In his current role as Marketing Director, Nemanja is spearheading the Certara Evidence & Access marketing strategy. His holistic approach from working in both industry and customer-facing settings has been central to the success of the BaseCase platform.

After receiving an MSc in Healthcare System Management from the University of Belgrade, Nemanja went on to graduate from the prestigious Erasmus University in Rotterdam with an MSc in Public Health, with a focus on Health Economics and Value Communication.

Nemanja has a keen interest in addressing the broader issues that affect the wellbeing of societies. In his earlier career, he spent time working in Serbia on the Peacebuilding and Inclusive Local Development (PBILD) project at UNICEF and as an Outreach Officer for Civil Rights Defenders. His broad background has given him unique insights into improving healthcare access through tactical market strategies.