Neelima Kanakanampati

Associate Director, Integrated Drug Development

About Neelima Kanakanampati

Neelima Kankanampati, Associate Director of India Operations, joined Certara in April 2018. She works with the CSC database consulting team to build multiple database products across different therapeutic areas.

Neelima brings 16 years of experience with pharma and biotech companies in clinical literature database services, PICOS-based search strategies, operations, project management, quality assurance, process, and pre-sales positions. Prior to joining the Certara family, Neelima worked as a Principal Scientist at Excelra Knowledge Solutions. She obtained a Master’s degree in Business Management and a Master’s degree in Pharmacology.

Neelima has strong expertise in developing PICOS-based search strategies to identify the relevant literature across various bibliographic data sources (both proprietary and open) for various SLR projects (>50 projects). She has successfully implemented novel text mining approaches that could efficiently filter out first level noise and quickly identify the potential literature, thereby bringing significant efficiencies in systematic literature reviews.