Nathalie Gosselin

Senior Director


Montreal, Quebec

About Nathalie Gosselin

Dr. Nathalie Gosselin joined Certara in January 2008. She currently leads a team of five scientists responsible for PK and PK/PD modeling and simulations in various phases of drug development and in specific populations. Nathalie has applied her strong pharmacokinetic and modeling expertise in population PK/PD analysis to support drug development in many different therapeutic areas: oncology, virology, CNS, rare disease, and metabolic disease. To date, Dr. Gosselin has authored about 20 peer-reviewed papers and 55 conference abstracts.

Dr. Gosselin received her MS in Applied Mathematics in 2001 and her PhD in Public Health-Environmental Toxicology in 2005 from the Université de Montreal. Before joining Certara, Nathalie worked jointly for Health Canada and for the Chair in Toxicological Risk Assessment for Human Health at the Université de Montreal. During this time, Nathalie performed several key meta-analyses on toxicokinetic data as well as epidemiological and toxicological studies in order to establish biological reference values of several environmental contaminants that could jeopardize human health.