Martine Allard

Clinical Pharmacologist, Consulting Services

About Martine Allard

Dr. Allard has over 15 years of clinical development experience in the biopharmaceutical industry advancing molecules to new stages of the development lifecycle, which led to successful IND, BLA, NDA, and sNDA submissions. At Gilead Sciences, Martine served as clinical scientist, medical monitor, and pharmacokinetic scientist to manage Phase 1–4 clinical science and pharmacokinetics studies for cardiopulmonary, cardio-electrophysiology, and cardio-metabolic therapeutic areas. Prior to that at Amgen Inc., Martine served as a translational/early development project manager, clinical research manager, and safety/pharmacovigilance project manager for diverse pipeline products. Martine is very familiar with oncology, hematology, cardiovascular, electrophysiology, pulmonary, endocrinology, nephrology, neurosciences, and psychiatry therapeutic areas.

Dr. Allard’s focus in research has been to assess the link between study drug dose, concentration, pharmacodynamics, clinical responses, and safety from early to later stage clinical studies. These analyses and interpretations enable clinical teams to better understand the study drug and move forward with drug development decision-making. Martine completed a Masters in Pharmacometrics in Dr. Joga Gobburu’s group mastering pharmacometrics-related statistics and quantitative pharmacology. She received a Bachelors in Pharmacy, Masters in Cardiovascular Pharmacology, and PhD in Central Nervous System Pharmacology at University of Montreal. When Martine is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family, biking, and screenwriting.