Marta Martinez

Director, Clinical Operations for Outcomes Research

About Marta Martinez

Marta is Director of Clinical Operations for Outcomes Research in Analytica Laser, Certara’s Evidence and Access Group. Marta holds a Pharm degree from Universidad de Navarra (Spain) and MS in Marketing & Business Administration from ESIC (Madrid-Spain).

Marta has extensive experience (+10 years) in implementing, conducting and managing Post Authorizations Studies and Late Phase Clinical Studies in several therapeutic areas through her work in different CROs and Pharmaceutical Companies before joining LASER in 2011. Since then, she was local responsible for an EMA requested international cohort study on the relative effectiveness of atrial fibrillation treatments, in Spain. She has directed the clinical operations in an international prospective study conducted in several European Countries as well as in Israel and leading the different chart review studies and Teams in an international global context.