Marc Pfister

Vice President, Integrated Drug Development


Home Office - Americas

About Marc Pfister

Dr. Marc Pfister joined Certara (formerly Quantitative Solutions) as Chief Medical Officer to initiate and manage an East Coast office. He is a trained internist, nephrologist, and clinical pharmacologist with more than 100 published manuscripts and abstracts and 15 years of modeling and simulation experience in facilitating drug development, approval and utilization. Marc’s work and experience covers key therapeutic areas, including oncology, immunology, virology, neuroscience, metabolic disorders and kidney diseases. Prior to joining Certara, he served as Medical Director (2004-2006) and later as Executive Director (2006-2010) of Discovery Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology at Bristol-Myers Squib, where he led Strategic Modeling and Simulation (Pharmacometrics) to industry prominence. Previously, Marc was an Associate Director at Sanofi-Aventis, a clinical research fellow at the School of Medicine & Pharmacy, UCSF, San Francisco, and a clinical fellow (internal medicine and nephrology) at the School of Medicine, University of Berne, Switzerland.

He is a section editor of the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, a fellow and current board member of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology (ACCP), a section chair of the American Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (ASCPT), co-founder and board member of the MOSAiC organization (Modeling & Simulation Applications in Clinical Pharmacotherapy) and the American Society of Pharmacometrics (ASoP). Marc’s passion and focus is to advance the discipline of pharmacometrics and its impact on decision making by fostering the triplet of Integration–Innovation–Impact:

  1. quantitatively integrate multisource data and knowledge through the application of clinical, biomedical, biological, engineering, statistical, and mathematical concepts
  2. continuously innovate to enhance scientific understanding and knowledge
  3. positively impact discovery, research, development, approval and utilization of new medicines

(Pfister M and D’Argenio D. The emerging scientific discipline of pharmacometrics. J Clinical Pharmacology, 2010: 50: S6-S158).