Leon Bax

Director, Integrated Drug Development


Menlo Park, CA

About Leon Bax

Dr. Leon Bax has over 10 years of academic and consulting experience in epidemiological and statistical modeling, with a focus on methodology of mid and late phase drug development. He holds two PhDs, one in Clinical Epidemiology and one in Medical Informatics, and is an expert in the field of meta-analysis. He joined Certara (formerly Quantitative Solutions) in early 2013, after having worked as a pharmacometrics consultant here for 2.5 years. Before that, he worked as a Junior Associate Professor at the Kitasato University School of Medicine in Japan, where he was involved in academic training and provided statistical support for trials conducted at the hospitals of Kitasato University and the Kitasato Institute.

Dr. Bax has worked on projects in a wide range of therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular medicine, oncology, anesthesiology, gastroenterology, immunology, and sports medicine. He has supported filings for the FDA and EMA with model-based drug development strategies as well as with statistical and epidemiological analyses. He is especially interested in meta-analysis of studies with rare (adverse) events, bias due to selective dissemination of evidence, and generalized mixed treatment comparisons. He is the creator of MIX 2.0, a software program for meta-analysis that is used worldwide in medical, social, and environmental sciences. At Certara, Dr. Bax’s work focuses on the development and analysis of clinical trial databases and on supporting formal decision-making in drug and medical device R&D through the combined analysis of proprietary data and public source literature information.

Dr. Bax is fluent in Dutch, English, and German. Having lived and worked in Japan for over 7 years, he is also able to communicate in Japanese at a business level and has a special interest in drug development in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. When he is not behind his computer, he plays tennis and enjoys the outdoors with his wife.