Lamia Sid-Otmane

Associate Scientist, Integrated Drug Development

About Lamia Sid-Otmane

Dr. Sid-Otmane joined Certara as an Associate Scientist in January 2018. Prior to Certara, she worked as a Clinical Research Scientist at Algorithme Pharma while continuing her PhD in Pharmacology at the Centre de Recherche du CHUM (CRCHUM, Montreal). Lamia obtained a bachelors in Biopharmaceutical Sciences and a master’s degree in Neuropharmacology, completing a pilot clinical study on Parkinson’s disease at Notre-Dame Hospital. During these years, she also did an internship in modeling at Certara and an internship in PK/PD and data analysis at Sainte-Justine Hospital Research Centre.

Lamia is currently finishing her PhD projects, testing a new therapeutic target for the treatment of dyskinesia and hallucinations in Parkinson’s disease. To investigate and validate her theories, she has worked on two animal models (rodents and non-human primates) and has performed in-vitro experiments on post-mortem human brain tissues. Lamia has then studied and worked at different levels of research and drug development, including laboratory experiments, animal research and clinical studies.