Jos Lommerse

Director, Integrated Drug Development


Oss, NL

About Jos Lommerse

Dr. Jos Lommerse spent the last 20 years in pharmaceutical industry, using computation, statistics and simulations to support decision-making. His background is chemical engineering. He received his PhD in bio-organic chemistry at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. After a five-year period at the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (United Kingdom) where he carried out scientific analyses on crystallographic molecular databases, he joined the department of Molecular Design & Informatics at Organon in 2000. As a molecular modeler he participated in multidisciplinary research programs in the field of immunology and endocrinology. He also introduced a company-wide accessible intranet cheminformatics framework. Dr. Jos Lommerse joined the Department of Clinical PKPD at Merck/MSD in 2011. His focus has been on translational PKPD to support oncology and immunology programs, providing population PKPD models and rationales to build early development strategies. Since 2014 he works as a Director Modeling consultant for Certara, supporting amongst others pediatric, vaccine and metabolic diseases development programs.
Jos enjoys endurance sports, such as running, swimming, cycling and rollerblading. Together with his family he aims to visit and experience the most beautiful and interesting places in the world.