Helen Jenkins

Director, Clinical Pharmacology, Consulting Services

About Helen Jenkins

As a Director of Clinical Pharmacology, Dr. Helen Jenkins works collaboratively with a wide range of clients to ensure high quality, efficient, and creative solutions to drug development challenges. She provides expertise in the design, execution, and stewardship of high quality, integrated clinical pharmacology programs and to provide fit for purpose solutions for each client.

Dr. Jenkins brings more than 20 years of experience in drug development for both Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and CRO companies, with experience in Clinical Pharmacology, DMPK, and Bioanalysis. She comes with a broad range of experience in programs at all stages of drug development, from candidate selection through to submission and post submission and has experience of all key Phase 1 studies. She has worked in global, cross functional teams, contributing to the design of optimal clinical development programs and implementing modeling and simulation strategies to support these programs. Her work has covered several therapeutic areas with experience of both large and small molecule drug development. She also spent time on secondment in Singapore. Helen has attended regulatory meetings with a number of agencies, including the FDA and EMA, and has been responsible for the preparation of Clinical Pharmacology sections for submissions and development of responses.

Following her PhD in Analytical Chemistry, she was awarded a Certificate in Human Pharmacology from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians and is a member of the British Pharmacological Society.