Hanbin Li

Sr. Director, Integrated Drug Development


Menlo Park, CA

About Hanbin Li

Dr. Hanbin Li has over ten years of industry and consulting experience in biostatistics and pharmacometrics. He joined Certara (formerly Quantitative Solutions) in 2007 as an associate director of consulting services. His experience on modeling traces back to his years as a graduate student when he developed models for the control of water-borne diseases. Prior to joining in 2007, he worked as a biostatistician at Astellas Pharm Inc, where he supported clinical and pre-clinical studies through analysis of safety, efficacy and PK data and accumulated a rich experience on the clinical data manipulation and statistical analysis. Since he joining Certara, he has provided consulting services on a wide range of population PK and PKPD projects in various therapeutic areas including oncology, neuroscience and arthritis. Recent focus of his work includes database development and meta-analysis of pain, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Dr. Hanbin Li received his PhD from the University of Alberta in 2001, after which he worked for MDS Pharma services and later for Astellas Pharma Inc. Besides modeling, Hanbin enjoys hiking, photography and playing badminton.