Fran Brown

Senior Director, Clinical Pharmacology, Consulting Services

About Fran Brown

Dr. Fran Brown is a highly respected professional with proven leadership skills and 24 years of broad experience within pharmaceutical development. She has extensive hands on experience with all phases of drug development obtained in multiple geographical locations including UK, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden and the USA. Fran possesses a broad knowledge of drug discovery and development principles and practice with a special focus on the needs associated with early projects.

After obtaining a degree in pharmacy and a subsequent PhD in pharmacokinetics Fran started her professional life in the clinical pharmacology department at Hoffman-La Roche. During her years at Roche she; was an integral part in the successful registration of two new products in global markets; worked as a clinical pharmacology liaison between research, development and business to align activities with long-term strategic business objectives; supported the scientific and commercial assessment of business development opportunities; led the strategic development of multiple compounds from pre-GLP toxicology to end of phase 2; held various management roles in both headquarter and affiliate sites including running a clinical operations group of +75 people.

Following a rich career at Roche, Fran joined Biovitrum (a Swedish biotech company) as Director of Clinical Operations. In her time there she built up a strong, experienced operations group, implemented data management systems and processes and established strong GCP awareness. She also, in conjunction with external service providers, put in place the clinical, regulatory and pharmacovigilance infrastructure essential to support the commitments which come with the management of globally available products.

Since 2010 Fran has run her own consultancy business with an emphasis on using her scientific, pharmacology and development experience to support small companies on the development pathway.

Fran Brown has a PhD in Pharmacology, has spent the last 17 years working and raising her family in different places around the globe; she is currently designing her perfect country.  In her free time she enjoys spending time with the family, baking and hiking (which compensates for the baking).