Floris Fauchet

Associate Director, Integrated Drug Development

About Floris Fauchet

Dr. Floris Fauchet initially trained as a pharmacist in the University Paris Descartes where he received a master’s degree in Pharmacokinetic and a Pharmacy degree in 2011. He received his PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Paris Descartes in 2014 where his thesis focused on dosage optimization, through population PK, of antiviral agents in HIV-infected pregnant mothers and newborns. On top of an occasional teaching experience at the school of Pharmacy in Paris, Floris has worked at Servier and Sanofi in their clinical pharmacokinetic teams. His experience covers all development stages from translational to clinical Phase 2, and includes a range of therapeutic areas: HIV, cardiovascular, and oncology (small molecules, monoclonal antibody and antibody drug conjugates). In his current role, Floris is responsible for PK, PK/PD, dose-response modeling, and statistical analyses in various phases of drug development.