Eva Gil Berglund

Senior Director Regulatory Strategy

About Eva Gil Berglund

Dr Eva Gil Berglund is Pharmacist by training and has a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology, both Uppsala University, Sweden. Eva has 20 years of experience working with Clinical Pharmacology in drug development at the Swedish Medical Products Agency and in the EMA Network of National agencies.  She has been actively involved in drafting of several EU Clinical Pharmacology guidance documents (drug-drug and drug-food interactions, PBPK, paediatrics, pharmacogenetics, etc.), in interregional communication and in the work of EMA working parties. Eva has worked with all types of regulatory marketing applications, from marketing applications of new chemical entities to paediatrics and new formulations. She has also extensive experience in providing national and CHMP scientific advice as well as the clinical pharmacology assessment of early and late clinical trials. Her inspiration is scientific development, and its practical application, optimizing drug development and improving patient access to efficacious and safe drugs.