Christian Rasmussen

Executive Director, Integrated Drug Development

About Christian Rasmussen

Dr. Rasmussen joined Certara in January 2017 as Executive Director, Integrated Drug Development where he heads a consultancy group for model-based drug development, pharmacometrics and regulatory submissions in the Basel, Switzerland area. Prior to joining Certara, Dr. Rasmussen led a team at Novo Nordisk A/S to focus on exploring mathematical modeling and data analysis techniques such as NCA, population pharmacokinetics (PopPK), pharmacodynamics (PD), multivariate statistics, advanced mechanistic models, and systems pharmacology to increase the speed and efficiency of drug development. As a Pharmacometrician at Pfizer, Dr. Rasmussen supported various drug development projects, developing mechanistic and semi-mechanistic models, PK and PK/PD analyses, data and meta-analyses, and other quantitative tools in relation to the drug development projects. He also developed a document/report system based on LaTeX, the typesetting standard that is now implemented throughout Clinical Pharmacology.

Dr. Rasmussen obtained his industrial PhD, MSc, and BSc from the Technical University of Denmark. As a doctoral student he worked at Novo Nordisk A/S in collaboration with the Danish Medical Agency to create a mechanistic understanding of drug absorption, chemistry and action of drug candidates which were used to construct predictive mechanistic models for clinical trials. He also worked on developing and implementing a framework for performing benefit-risk analysis in relation to drug development.