Anetta Claussen

Associate Director, Integrated Drug Development

About Anetta Claussen

Anetta joined Certara in 2017 as an Associate Director, Integrated Drug Development. Prior to joining Certara, she worked at Novo Nordisk as a Pharmacometrician and Modeling Scientist where she performed Population PK/PD modeling and simulation for Phase I-II clinical development in inflammation, hemophilia, diabetes and obesity therapeutic areas. Her modeling and simulation expertise includes Exposure/response analysis, NCA, analysis and assessment of the QT prolongation, population PK/PD analysis, Surgery trial, and Covariate analysis.

Anetta also conducted research on Kinetic Modeling in PET (Positron Emission Tomography) in the Neurobiological Research Unit of Rigshospitalet Copenhagen. She has also taught courses in Basic Kinetic Modeling in Molecular Imaging, Statistics, Image analysis, physics and biotechnology at Rigshospitalet and Teknisk Erhvervsskole Center (TEC).

Anetta received a PhD and Master’s of Science from the Technical University of Denmark. Her PhD thesis focused on the experimental and theoretical investigation of signaling in Quorum Sensing of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and is the author of several publications on quorum sensing regulation, kinetic modeling, and vibrational spectroscopy.