Amy Cheung

Senior Director, Integrated Drug Development

About Amy Cheung

Dr. Amy Cheung joined Certara as Senior Director in Integrated Drug Development with responsibility as our business lead for Amsterdam/Oss. 

Dr. Cheung obtained her PhD from the University of Manchester, under the supervision of Dr. Leon Aarons, on the topic of Structural Identifiability Analysis in Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Models. After receiving her Ph.D she worked with Drs. Aaron and Malcolm Rowland as a postdoc on mechanistic modelling.  

Dr. Cheung has very relevant expertise as senior clinical pharmacometrician at AstraZeneca as well as an extensive network in oncology and pediatric pharmacometrics and clinical pharmacology. During her time at AstraZeneca, in addition to leading model informed drug development projects in oncology and other therapeutic areas, she also was project manager of the Pediatric Working group. Pediatrics continues to be an important growth area for the application of novel clinical pharmacology and pharmacometrics concepts, so we are very pleased to be able to benefit from Amy’s experience in this space. 

Amy has represented AstraZeneca on the IMI DDmoRe project and EFPIA MID3 workgroup and has been chairing the IQ consortium Clinical Pharmacology Leadership Group (CPLG) Pediatric Working group (PWG).