KEEP Platform

KEEP, the Knowledge Enhancing and Enabling Platform for Clinical Trial Outcome Data

To optimize use of the clinical trial outcome databases, we have KEEP―the Knowledge Enhancing and Enabling Platform. KEEP provides a user-friendly (web-enabled) interface to the databases, facilitating quick and informative access. In addition, the platform enables users to quickly explore and communicate the database content via interactive tables and plots that can be created without any programming knowledge. As a communication tool, KEEP makes data tangible in real time and stimulates ideas for impactful analyses.

Modelers can use the tool to access to up-to-date data that is augmented and analysis-ready. Initial explorations can be performed within the system and subsets can be created and downloaded for further analyses.

KEEP benefits include:

  • Multiple databases are accessible on one platform for comparative analysis and multi-variable filtering
  • KEEP helps users to see relationships between endpoints, sub-populations, etc, to provide early insights
  • Users can plot and summarize data in real time to share results with colleagues, stimulate ideas, and inform key decisions

Delivering a ‘faster time to insight,’ users can analyze the competitive landscape on a target drug, enrich internal knowledge on a therapeutic area, and answer myriad questions to guide trial development decisions.

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