Burstable Compute Grid

Power Up Your Models with a Cloud-based Compute Grid

Computationally-intensive PK/PD modeling and simulation applications, such as Phoenix® NLME™ and NONMEM®, require significant compute power to process models. Depending on the size and complexity of the job, models run on a local dual- or quad-core computer using serial computation can take 8 hours to days before you are able to analyze the results.

What is a Compute Grid?

A compute grid uses many computers working in parallel in a “divide and conquer manner,” resulting in a significant reduction in the computational time needed for processing complex PK/PD models.

Burstable Compute Grid: Cost-effective Cloud-based Access to a Personal Compute Grid

The Burstable Compute Grid, is a dedicated grid for each individual that provides an efficient, secure, and affordable way to speed up PK/PD model-fitting. Five grid size options up to 1,800 cores are available to meet a range of compute power needs—from basic modeling to the most advanced complex modeling demands.

  • Burstable—activates the optimal number of cores needed for the job, and “bursts” when more cores are needed
  • Economical—cost is accrued only when the grid is in use and the cores are active
  • Accessible—anywhere, anytime web-based access
  • Budget tracking and management tools provide the ability to set, monitor, and review budgets and usage

Get Up and Running in 48 hours

The Burstable Compute Grid does not require IT support for configuration—we do all the work and within 48 hours you are ready to submit your first modeling job. The grid is initially accessed through Collaborate, our web-based platform that provides convenient access to tools that can be used for grid monitoring, budget management and tracking. Subsequent access can be done either through the Collaborate portal or the internet. Connect to the grid within Phoenix or via tools such as PuTTY or WinSCP.

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