Data Informatics Platform for Discovery Scientists

Small molecule drug discovery research requires understanding complex biological, logistical, and computational data from a wide variety of data sources. A key challenge for discovery scientists is the ability to efficiently access the most current and relevant data from internal and external data sources, ideally in a consolidated and cohesive project data view.

D360™ is the industry leading scientific data informatics hub used globally by over 5,000 discovery research scientists. It was designed to meet the discovery researcher’s workflow needs by providing a self-service data access and integrated analysis solution. The result? Focus your R&D expertise on data understanding, versus on time-consuming tasks involved in assembling data from various sources.

Self-service Integrated Solution for Data Design, Access, and Analysis

Faster Time to Insight

D360 is an end user-accessible collaborative scientific data network that can be used to quickly and accurately answer critical research questions. Whether you want a standard project data view or need to answer a specific research question, project data and ad hoc datasets can be pulled and tied together into a consolidated view.

Self-service Access to Data

Intuitive drag-and-drop query-building interface enables users of all levels to generate project dashboards and ask complex scientific questions without having to know where the data resides and without the need for administrative support.

Analysis and Substance Design Capabilities

D360 provides integrated analysis tools and support for virtual compounds (chemical structures not available in source systems). Retrieved data can be analyzed and visualized for compound prioritization. New chemical structure ideas can be added via sketch or import. Real and concept compounds can be assessed, prioritized, and shared with the team.

D360 for Pre-clinical Studies

D360 can also draw on pre-clinical data sources providing pre-clinical pharmacologists, toxicologists, and pathologists the ability to understand data at a level beyond an individual study. With D360, scientists can explore cross-species exposure vs. toxicology, control group drift, and prevalence of adverse effects within drug classes.

Enhance Efficiency and Make Better Informed Decisions

D360 goes beyond standard data retrieval platforms by providing interactive data filtering, exploration, and numerous visualizations, for built-in design, analysis and calculation of key parameters. The result? Faster and more efficient access leading to greater scientific understanding.

Secure Data Access for External Research Partners at Multiple Organizations

D360 Partner is an externalization technology that can be added on to your existing D360 deployment to facilitate collaboration between sponsors and external research partners. The solution provides external partners highly secure access only to authorized project data, eliminating the barrier to efficient sharing of data and insights between organizations.

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