Phoenix CDISC Workflow Templates

Automate the Preparation of NCA Clinical and Non-clinical Data in CDISC-ready Formats

The Phoenix® CDISC Workflow Templates prepare non-compartmental analysis (NCA) data into the format required by the FDA for electronic submission of clinical (SDTM) or non-clinical (SEND) study data. Once your NCA is completed in Phoenix WinNonlin™, the CDISC Workflow Templates automate the creation of the SDTM or SEND Pharmacokinetic Parameters (PP) and Pharmacokinetic Concentration Data (PC) domains in the required SDTM or SEND format.

Benefits of the CDISC Workflow Templates

  • Saves time with automated process
  • Reduces errors
  • Increases compliance
  • Templates available for SDTM and SEND data preparation

Web-CDISC-Solutions Certara is a CDISC Registered Solutions Provider
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