Custom software that matches your needs

Companies have unique specifications and needs that require more than off-the-shelf software.

PKAssist™ leverages Certara’s team of modeling and simulation experts to build configurable software solutions to fill procedural gaps, automate routine processes, and integrate analysis tools with source data systems.

A customized PKAssist application could be as simple as a database connector or as complex as a complete automated analysis and reporting solution that includes regulatory compliant data management and CDISC compliant file generation.

Automate routine processes

PKAssist customers realize significant scientific productivity from workflow standardization and reduced QC checks. All PKAssist applications are maintained and supported by Certara.

PKAssist applications have been designed for noncompartmental analysis (NCA) and CDISC automation, population PK (popPK) data preparation, bioequivalence analysis, allometric scaling, subject randomization, and more.


Start with a Consultation
Tailored to meet your unique needs

Our process begins with a thorough analysis of existing operating procedures and technology, followed by a proposal for optimization. 

Identifying the right custom solution for your specific challenge is how Certara helps you succeed.

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Focus on the science

What if your pharmacometrics team can do what they do best—focus on the science—and bypass the complex maze of data management?

We want to help streamline your modeling and simulation efforts so that you can optimize R&D productivity and achieve regulatory goals using the highest standards of quality and compliance. 

Our Phoenix Technology Services team not only designs and builds PK Assist Applications, but we also support validation efforts and implement Certara Integral™ Data Repository.

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