Distributed and Cloud Computing

Distributed and Cloud Computing Made Easy with SYBYL

Distributed computing helps get jobs run quickly and efficiently while controlling costs. Certara® Distributed Computing Site licenses that allow unlimited usage by all scientists working at a particular site.

Distributed Computing Site Licenses allow users to:

  • Install and use Certara software on unlimited computers and hardware platforms INCLUDING CLOUDS (eg, Amazon cloud)
  • Run unlimited simultaneous jobs
  • Use unlimited processors in parallel jobs

Distributed Computing Site licenses are available for the following:

  • Surflex-Dock for ligand-protein docking and structure based vHTS
  • Surflex-Sim for 3D ligand similarity analysis, ligand alignment, and ligand based vHTS
  • UNITY/UNITY-3D for 3D pharmacophore based screening and searching
  • Topomer Search for ligand similarity screening and screening based on 3D QSAR predictions

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