Pre-clinical Safety Store

PCSS: A CDISC SEND-based Data Repository for Pre-clinical Study Data

Certara’s PCSS™ (Pre-clinical Safety Store) is a queryable repository in which pre-clinical study data can be uploaded, validated and matched for desired terminology. When used in conjunction with Certara’s D360™, PCSS is an invaluable tool for study managers, toxicologists, pathologists, and data scientists. It supports on-going study monitoring and cross study analysis, which is essential to improving study designs and strategic decision-making.

With PCSS, users can:

  • Capture and query file-based pre-clinical study data based upon the CDISC SEND standards
  • Map alternate names for scientifically equivalent tests to preferred terms using a terminology tool
  • Support consistent views of study data, making data easily analyzable, regardless of its source


Facilitate study monitoring
PCSS’s flexible querying, analysis, and visualization capabilities support of study monitoring of on-going studies as well as cross-study analysis from historical study data.

Save time
PCSS significantly reduces the time spent performing complex file manipulation while providing access to queryable data to end-users in minutes.

Makes data easier to manage
PCSS uploads SEND or custom format data files into a SEND-based system and standardizes the naming conventions used to match either CDISC SEND controlled terminology or a client’s own.

Takes advantage of your existing IT infrastructure
PCSS’s plug-in architecture supports diverse file formats and connects to 3rd party platforms such as Provantis®, Pristima™, and Thermo Scientific Watson LIMS™.