Scientific Informatics

Certara’s Informatics Platform Facilitates Scientific Data Access, Analysis, and Collaboration within an Organization and Amongst Development Partners

D360 Data Informatics Platform for Discovery Scientists

D360™ is the industry-leading scientific data informatics hub used globally by over 5,000 discovery research scientists. It was designed to meet the discovery researcher’s workflow needs by providing a self-service data access and integrated analysis solution. The result? Focus your R&D expertise on data understanding, versus on time-consuming tasks involved in assembling data from various sources. Learn more >

D360 Express Scientific Data Informatics Hub for Discovery Research

D360 Express is an out-of-the-box integrated solution specifically designed for discovery scientists in smaller pharmaceutical research organizations. D360 Express provides virtual compound capabilities, access, integration, analysis, and visualization to scientific data from multiple internal and external data sources. Learn more >

Pre-clinical Safety Store

PCSS is a CDISC SEND-based data repository for pre-clinical study data. When used in conjunction with Certara’s D360, PCSS is an invaluable tool for study managers, toxicologists, pathologists, and data scientists. It supports on-going study monitoring and cross study analysis, which is essential to improving study designs and strategic decision-making. Learn more >