PK/PD Data Programming Services

Modeling is only as good as your data

Want to ensure the highest quality dataset for your analysis?
Certara data programmers are experts in using SAS to code PK/PD datasets.

Let us provide you with

  • Peace of mind. Our data programmers create datasets for Certara Strategic Consulting, the largest pharmacometrics consultancy in the world.
  • Higher quality datasets that require fewer quality control cycles.
  • Decreased time between database lock and performing NCA, exploratory analysis, or PK/PD modeling.

Certara’s Phoenix platform is the leading PK/PD modeling and simulation software used worldwide by 6,000 researchers at biopharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and global regulatory agencies, including eleven divisions of the US FDA.

Pirana is a flexible, extendible pharmacometrics workbench that provides modelers with structure, tools, and a graphical user interface to facilitate the iterative processes used to create pharmacometric models and perform simulations.

Trial Simulator v2.3 delivers robust tools and features to enable your drug development team to plan relevant and effective trials for every phase of clinical drug testing.