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Innovations in Value Communication: Optimizing Payer Engagement at the Local Level

September 14, 2021
On-Demand Webinar

September 14, 2021 – 11:00 am ET

Securing reimbursement from national payers is critical to your product’s commercial success. However, payers at the local and regional levels continue to get more authority to manage their own budgets. This makes engaging with payers and designing an effective strategy for value communication difficult as the concept of value can mean different things to different stakeholders. Some payers will care about quality of life indicators, or may focus purely on budget impact, while others prioritize clinical evidence. And so, determining value will ultimately come down to the needs and inefficiencies that currently exist in the individual payer’s health economy.

During this webinar, Certara experts with over 30 years’ combined industry experience will cover:

  • Best practices for planning and designing a successful payer engagement strategy.
  • How to efficiently generate and analyze data for effective value communication.
  • How to optimize the ways in which data, evidence, and models are presented to payers.
  • The best ways to equip and train field engagement teams with the latest materials that can demonstrate product value, and refine messaging to make them specific to local needs.


Pascaline Faivre, PharmD, Msc – Senior Director, Market Access

Pascaline Faivre (PharmD, Msc)  is a Senior Director Market Access at Certara and brings 13 years of experience in Market Access and Health economics at pharmaceutical industries and consultancy groups. Pascaline has successful track record of reimbursement submissions in EU countries, product launches, and extensive knowledge of EU market Access challenges and payers requirements for drugs, medical devices and vaccines. She specializes in Access strategy development for pipelines and mature products, including global and European access tools (GVDs, PVDs), pricing strategy. In her recent role as EU Access lead, she led the development of Access tools to support affiliates on contracting value messages based on payers’ persona. As a trained health economist, Pascaline has also led many HEOR projects including model adaptations, targeted literature reviews most recently on Vaccines budgets in EU or HPV vaccination in WHO 53 countries both published in peer-reviewed journals.

Shawn W. Bates, LSSMBB – Vice President, US Sales & Business Development

Shawn Bates joined Certara in summer 2020 as Vice President of US Sales & Business Development for our BaseCase stakeholder engagement platform after gaining over 20 years’ experience working across the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Having held a variety of senior leadership positions, his expertise lies in stakeholder engagement and management in the market access and medical affairs spaces.