Integral: Next Generation Data Repository

Certara Integral™ is a single, validated, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data repository that streamlines clinical pharmacology workflow

Secure and pre-validated technology provides a single source of truth for your data providing multiple benefits

  • Make data-driven decisions earlier in the development process
  • Increase clinical pharmacology efficiencies
  • Successfully pass audits by regulatory agencies
  • Be confident in the security of your data

Certara Integral is a next-generation cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), validated data and model repository with an intuitive user interface for collecting, managing, and storing multiple types of data sets for analysis, sharing, and reporting of clinical pharmacology, pharmacometrics, and other relevant clinical data. A repository that significantly improves the clinical pharmacology workflow providing data that is traceable, reproducible, and secure enabling better-informed drug development decisions.

Data stored in Integral can be organized and categorized by clinical study, project, and individual experiments, enabling users to ask ‘what if’ questions at all levels. Users and partners can interact with multiple sources and types of data via client applications, plug-ins, and APIs, and is agnostic with respect to the type of analytical tool or data used by the customer. Data tabulations and visualizations are enabled through Certara D360.


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