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Optimize your pharmacometric workflow

Organizing and managing pharmacometric models can be an inefficient and time-consuming process. Pirana’s modeling workbench tools provide modelers with structure to facilitate the iterative processes used to create population PK/PD models and perform simulations resulting in better organization and more efficient analysis of population PK/PD results.

The Pirana Modeling Workbench includes:

  • Model templates and wizards
  • Library of goodness-of-fit plots (R)
  • Model translation tools
  • Built-in support for version control and audit trails
  • Seamless access to open source tools to interface with pop PK/PD modeling tools for visual predictive check, covariate modeling, and bootstraps

Pirana works with R speaks NLME, NONMEM, R, Perl Speaks NONMEM (PSN), and Monolix.

Now availableand accessible through Pirana Certara’s R Speaks NLME (RsNLME) is a collection of R packages and companion RShiny apps that allow scientists to run models using the Certara NLME engine directly from the R command line. RsNLME is accessible through Pirana. To learn more, click here.