Phoenix CDISC Navigator

CDISC SDTM/SEND PK Data Preparation

Preparation of clinical (SDTM) and non-clinical (SEND) datasets, while time-consuming and cumbersome, is a critical task required for achieving compliance of electronic submissions.

Phoenix CDISC Navigator provides a user-friendly interface that seamlessly imports CDISC data into an analysis-ready format, and then exports CDISC-formatted PK parameters for regulatory submission. It is ideal for scientists who perform non-compartmental PK analysis in Phoenix WinNonlin.

CDISC Data Preparer in Phoenix Workflow

The CDISC Data Preparer performs one-step mapping of CDISC-formatted data for NCA-ready analysis in Phoenix.

Benefits of Phoenix CDISC Navigator

  • Easily merges CDISC domains (DM, EX, PP, PC, SC and VS) for Phoenix PK data analysis
  • Seamlessly imports and exports CDISC SDTM and SEND datasets
  • Reduces errors and increases compliance

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