The Certara Blog: Model-based Meta-analysis

How to Harness Public Clinical Trial Data to Assess Drug Candidates

Publicly available clinical trial data represent an underutilized source of information. If properly extracted and analyzed, the data provide valuable input for facilitating go/no go decisions, performing comparative effectiveness and portfolio evaluations in support of in/out licensing, and optimizing overall drug development decisions, including dose and dosing regimens. Clinical Outcomes Database Explorer, CODEx, is an […]

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New FDA Commissioner Endorses Use of M&S to Advance Drug Development

With the swearing in of Dr. Scott Gottlieb as Commissioner of Food and Drugs in May, many have wondered as to the climate he will set for the US FDA. Certara’s mission and business thesis aligns with the FDA’s July 7 announcement regarding the steps it is taking to implement the 21st Century Cures Act. […]

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What are Clinical Trial Outcomes Databases? How and Why You Should Use Them

Publicly available clinical trial data represents an underutilized source of information. If properly extracted and analyzed, they provide valuable information to support drug development decisions. When you think of the volumes of public information and databases that are available to determine, for example, commercial viability of a therapeutic in development, your first inclination is—“great!” But […]

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How MBMA Can Help You Make Smarter Drug Development Decisions

Successful drug development depends on making wise decisions about portfolios, clinical trials, marketing, etc. We’re continuously faced with the challenge of deciding whether to continue development or stop it. To support those decisions, we gather data, typically through clinical trials. We analyze the data from those clinical trials, and then we use these analyses to […]

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Analyzing Complex In Vitro Experiments: It’s Not as Hard as You Think

Analyzing in vitro experiments can be challenging and time consuming. Yet, crucial decisions depend on accurate data analysis and interpretation early in development. Unfortunately, most lab-based scientists lack access to state-of-the-art models for analyzing in vitro data. A new tool enables the analysis of data generated from complexin vitro studies. These studies include assays using […]

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That’s So Meta: How Model-based Meta-analysis Informs Drug Development

Making the right choices in drug development often means the difference between getting a new medication to patients and it ending up in the scrap heap of failed programs. There is a surfeit of publically available information on approved drugs as well as those currently in development. How can sponsors turn clinical trial data into […]

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