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Relying on Excel models, static presentations, and more generalized value dossiers meant value messages weren’t resonating with local payers in decentralized accounts. In an effort to make content more tailored, our client hired an agency to build a custom app that incorporated their economic models and value messages. However, while more effective in meetings, these apps were expensive and time consuming to develop – often taking 6 to 12 months. Any updates also required using the same agency, adding further complications. This resulted in a need for a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

CaseStudy Certara Using BaseCase to communicate product value 1
CaseStudy Certara Using BaseCase to communicate product value 2

Using BaseCase, our client removed the need for software developers and created interactive apps in-house. This resulted in increased control over the development process, saved time, and cut costs. Further benefits were:

  • Accessing all apps from a single platform, online or offline.
  • Easy to adapt apps for use in other territories.
  • Delivering tailored value messages using live calculations.

The team developed a fully-custom app that integrated Budget Impact Models into a presentation interface, combining outputs with interactive content to reinforce value messages. An additional Objection Handler app provided updated feedback for each message, further improving their own internal communications.

“During the pilot phase of our app, the BaseCase team supported us in our presentations to local payers. This effort resulted in accelerated purchase agreements, shortening the timeframe by more than 24 months.”

Senior Market Access Director

Our client is now able to create, approve and distribute apps in less than 4 months – saving an average of 3 months and $10,000 USD per project. Apps can also be cloned, updated, and ready to use in other territories in under 8 weeks. And, in the field, teams have reported better meetings with payers, more impactful value messages, and cited how easy-to-use BaseCase apps are.

CaseStudy Certara Using BaseCase to communicate product value 3

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