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Certara built an interactive app using the BaseCase platform. A stakeholder map allows the user to “follow the dollar” of across different stakeholders (manufacturer, distributor, GPO, inpatient site of care, outpatient site of care, payer, patient), or from the perspective of any single stakeholder. The app also allows the user to compare the “share of the dollar” retained by each stakeholder for up to three comparable treatments by varying the inputs for each course of therapy: product, price, discounts, distribution model, payer type, site of care.

CS Improving internal financial flows 1

… A solution for internal communication among senior leadership and to support internal competitive planning.

Certara’s evidence and access experts developed the model engine based on our expertise and relationships in the US market distribution chain, which informed the final BaseCase app. The client was so pleased with it, Certara is now creating a similar tool for a different asset.

CS Improving internal financial flows 2

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