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The Rise of Hybrid Contracting Tools

Increasingly constrained healthcare budgets have caused payers, healthcare providers (HCPs), and other key decision-makers to consider much more than costs when making purchasing decisions. To facilitate positive decisions and aid pricing negotiations, the life sciences industry continues to adopt a range of innovative contracting strategies based on modalities such as product performance, patient outcomes, portfolio options, or payment terms flexibility.

The underlying complexity of these arrangements often demands the use of mobile apps to create and present proposal terms and results live during presentations in an efficient, transparent, and easy-to-understand manner. These apps are usually developed to focus on a specific contracting strategy, such as outcomes-based agreements or payment term arrangements. However, the increasing popularity of innovative contracting has led conversations with payers and HCPs to evolve. Now, it’s not uncommon for multiple contracting options to be compared during a single meeting in order to reach a deal that suits all parties and maximizes patient access.

With this demand has come practical issues that can affect success. For example, having to use multiple apps during a single presentation to display each contracting proposal can lead to confusion, a loss of momentum, and also a lack of consistency, both logically and visually. Using multiple apps also makes it difficult to reaffirm the various complex custom arrangements under consideration. In an ideal world, the results of each proposal would be summarized on a single page. The value story and relevant messaging would also be contained in the same app, ensuring a seamless flow to the discussion. This is where Hybrid Contracting Tools come in, by combining the best features of multiple apps into one easy-to-use app.

Working in collaboration, experts from Certara’s BaseCase and Evidence & Access groups developed a contracting tool, using the BaseCase platform, that includes a full-spectrum of contracting agreements and modalities. This app included both traditional and innovative frameworks.

This new hybrid tool makes navigating between different proposals easy using tabs and dropdown menus. This facilitates quick and simple comparisons of each proposal, while comparisons can also be made against competitor treatments.

By having a range of contracting proposals accessible in a single app, results can integrate within a unified value story to provide comparable and completely tailored value messages. As standard, outputs can be customized to focus on higher end-goals, such as accelerated patient access. Finally, a full breakdown of the agreements are available in-app, as a PDF download, or as an attachment within an auto-generated email.

In summary, hybrid contracting tools provide presenters with unprecedented flexibility and the necessary support to find the best contracting arrangement for all parties.

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By: Danny Hudzinski