Case studies addressing human pharmacokinetic uncertainty using a combination of pharmacokinetic simulation and alternative first in human

PF-184298 ((S)-2,3-dichloro-N-isobutyl-N-pyrrolidin-3-ylbenzamide) and PF-4776548 ((3-(4-fluoro-2-methoxy-benzyl)-7-hydroxy-8,9-dihydro-3H,7H-pyrrolo[2,3-c][1,7]naphthyridin-6-one)) are novel compounds which were selected to progress to human studies. Discordant human pharmacokinetic predictions arose from pre-clinical in vivo studies in rat and dog, and from human in vitro studies, resulting in a clearance prediction range of 3 to >20 mL min-1  kg-1 for PF-184298, and 5 to >20 mL min-1 […]

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