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Author: Zoe Barter

Zoe Barter is a consultant and scientific adviser at Certara. She received her PhD in Drug Metabolism from the University of Sheffield in 2005. This was followed by a joint position as a Postdoctoral Researcher within the Unit of Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Sheffield and Research Scientist at Certara. In 2009, she joined Certara on a full time basis. At the University of Sheffield, her research focused on the development of hepatic scaling factors for extrapolation of in vitro drug metabolism data in man. At Certara, she has been involved in projects related to extrapolating clearance from non CYP enzymes (UGT and cytosolic enzymes) and extending compound and population databases within the Simcyp Simulator, more recently focusing on the modeling of complex transporter and metabolism mediated drug-drug interactions and inter-ethnic differences in pharmacokinetics.

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Modeling the Influence of Ethnicity on Drug Disposition

Modeling the Influence of Ethnicity on Drug Disposition

Ever noticed how people from different ethnic backgrounds respond differently to drugs? For example, you may enjoy having a few drinks with friends on the weekend.  When your friends with Eastern Asian heritage drink alcohol, it’s not uncommon for their faces to turn red. This happens because many East Asians possess an enzyme deficiency for […]

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