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Author: Tom Snowden

Tom Snowden received his PhD in applied mathematics and quantitative systems pharmacology from the University of Reading in 2015. He was then awarded and completed an EPSRC doctoral prize fellowship at the university, continuing his research at the interface of mathematics and pharmacology. In October 2016, Tom joined Certara QSP as a research scientist working on a range of QSP consultancy projects.

Recent Posts

7 Savvy Ways to Reduce Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Models

Modeling and simulation has become an indispensable part of drug development. Historically, the type of modeling employed changes as a drug moves through the stages of drug development—from discovery to pre-clinical testing to clinical trials. At the early stages of drug discovery, we may use systems biology models to identify drug targets and possible compounds, […]

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Taming Complex Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Models with Model Reduction

Quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) combines computational modeling and experimental data to examine the relationships between a drug, the biological system, and the disease process. This emerging discipline integrates quantitative drug data with knowledge of its mechanism of action. QSP models predict how drugs modify cellular networks in space and time and how they impact and […]

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Using Model Reduction to Bridge the QSP-Pharmacometrics Divide

Quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) models are generally too large to be validated or fit in a traditional sense and they can become intractable to standard methods of analysis or even to the modeler’s own intuition. Model reduction can alleviate these issues of complexity by eliminating portions of a system that have minimal effect upon the […]

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