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Author: Simon Davis

For 15 years Simon Davis has been supporting and training scientists in the pharmaceutical industry to configure and use PKPD modelling tools effectively. Initially working in Covance’s Phase I clinic analysing BE, FIM studies etc. using WinNonlin & SAS, he spent several years providing Support and Training for Watson, EP and Kinetica software whilst at InnaPhase, (now ThermoFisher). Since 2005 he has focused on the Phoenix platform modules of WinNonlin, IVIVC, Connect, PKS & NLME. As well as providing hands on training to users he also gives development direction to ensure this suite of tools meet the needs of our diverse users; from simple NCA and IVIVC under GxP, to advanced modelers and connect with other industry databases and analytical tools e.g. R & NONMEM.

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Tips for Custom IVIVC Models in Phoenix

Tips for Custom IVIVC Models in Phoenix

The IVIVC tool within Phoenix is a convenient and powerful tool to build an in vivo-in vitro correlation model using dissolution experiments and real in vivo profiles. This module can support your organization in formulation development and even in applying for biowaivers. The tool has a flexible library of built-in models that can be modified […]

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