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Author: Shriram Pathak

Shriram Pathak has been a Senior Research Scientist at Certara Company since 2013. He is part of the modeling & simulation group and is involved in development and improvement of absorption and bioavailability models implemented within Simcyp® Population-based Simulator. He is also involved in the development of tools for mechanistic modeling of biopharmaceutical in vitro experiments that can be used to inform in vivo modelling within PBPK framework. Shriram’s main research interests include biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, and modelling & simulation of oral drug delivery systems.

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Image of whole body PBPK model and USP-2 dissolution chamber

Transforming Drug Product Development the PBPK Way!—A Breakthrough Approach

Developing and optimizing drug formulations― a key component of a product development―is a very lengthy and capital intensive process. Today, most drug candidates are poorly water-soluble; this has led to greater emphasis on screening more complex formulation technologies. Formulation development is still largely an empirical process ― based on trial and error and formulation scientists’ […]

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