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Author: Serge Guzy

Serge Guzy is currently Professor (affiliate) at the University of Maryland, Professor (adjunct) at the University of Minnesota, visiting Professor at the Hebrew University School of Medicine (Jerusalem) and adjunct associate professor at SUNY Buffalo. Serge is also president and CEO of POP_PHARM, a company that signed a strategic alliance with Certara to develop the Phoenix population PK/PD software and provide professional training services to assist Phoenix NLME users.

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elephant, monkey, dog, and mouse standing in a line

Automated Prediction of First-in-man Dosing Using Pre-clinical PK Data

If ever there was a cautionary tale illustrating the importance of getting allometric scaling of drugs right, it’s the story of Tusko the elephant. In 1962, Tusko was living at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Oklahoma City where he received a dose of the psychomimetic drug, lysergic acid diethylamide, better known as LSD. The dose […]

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