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Author: Patrick Smith

Dr. Smith has over 17 years of global drug development experience. He is currently CSO of d3 Medicine, a Certara company, and a Research Professor at the SUNY-Buffalo School of Pharmacy with over 100 peer reviewed publications. Dr. Smith has extensive experience in all phases of drug development, with particular expertise in infectious diseases and oncology, and significant experience in modeling and simulation. As a co-founder of d3 Medicine, Dr. Smith has led many development projects for d3 Medicine clients ranging from pre-clinical development/IND strategy, design and execution of entry-into-human and proof of concept studies, design and implementation of modeling and simulation strategies, and crafting clinical pharmacology and clinical development plans. Prior to joining d3 Medicine, Dr. Smith was the administrative head of Clinical Pharmacology in the U.S. for Roche, and a member of key corporate governance committees defining disease area and portfolio strategy.

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Quantitative Pharmacology Strategies for Pediatric Drug Development

Pediatric patients are not simply small adults. Children differ from adults in both disease pathophysiology and pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD). Yet historically, 80 percent of medicines used in children had little to no data guiding prescribers on proper use. In this blog post, I’ll discuss the challenges of developing drugs for children and explain how quantitative pharmacology […]

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