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Author: Nikunjkumar Patel

Nikunj Patel is a senior research scientist in Certara’s modelling and simulations group where he is leading oral and dermal absorption projects and is a member of the Cardiac Safety Simulator development team. He joined Certara in August 2011 and led the development of the physiologically based IVIVC (PB-IVIVC) module of the Simcyp Simulator and the Pharmaceutics module of SIVA (Simcyp In Vitro (data) Analysis) platform. Before joining Certara, he spent three years at the life science innovation labs of Tata Consultancy Services as a research scientist mainly working on pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modelling and QSAR development for various ADMET properties. During his graduate studies, he used computer aided drug design (CADD) and molecular modelling to identify safe and potent novel anti-diabetic ligands.

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An IVIVC (in vitro-in vivo correlation) is a predictive mathematical model describing the relationship between the in vitro properties of a dosage form and the in vivo responses. Drug developers frequently find IVIVCs useful for a number of reasons: They can use dissolution tests as a surrogate for human bioequivalence (BE) studies. They can support […]

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