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Author: Martin Beliveau

Martin Beliveau, PhD, is currently Director of Pharmacometrics at Certara Strategic Consulting. He applies state-of-the-art methods in PK/PD analyses to support drug development and decision making. He also has considerable experience training scientists. Dr. Beliveau earned a doctorate in public health with an emphasis on toxicology from the University of Montreal.

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How Modeling and Simulation Technology Could Save Us from the Zombie Apocalypse

Skeptical at the idea of ravenous brain-eating undead? You don’t have to take my word for it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response recognizes this threat. Their Zombie Preparedness website provides information on getting ready for all kinds of disasters. Modeling and simulation (M&S) technology can […]

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Using Modeling and Simulation to Quantify the PK of an Anti-HIV Drug for Babies

As a scientist at Certara and proud Dad to my three kids, pediatric drug development is a topic that is near to my heart. Clearly, children are not just “small adults.” They require special consideration for their distinct physiology during drug development. Likewise, for ethical reasons, it is important to minimize children’s exposure to experimental […]

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