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Author: Helen Humphries

Helen Humphries is a Senior Research scientist at Simcyp and has been working in the Translational Science group since 2008. Her research is in the area of drug PBPK modelling and simulation. She is particularly experienced with incorporating inter-individual variability into PBPK models for the prediction of complex DDI scenarios involving both metabolism and transport. Specific DDI models she has worked on have involved the parent and metabolite moieties of gemfibrozil (inhibition of CYP2C8 and OATP1B1), itraconazole (inhibition of CYP3A4) and carbamazepine (induction of CYP3A4). Helen received her PhD from the University of Manchester in 2009 in the area of prediction of drug clearance by conjugation and so has an ongoing interest in the incorporation of non-CYP (for example UGT, SULT, AO and esterase) metabolic pathways into the Simcyp PBPK models.

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