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Author: David Lowis

Dr. David Lowis leads Certara’s scientific informatics group and has responsibility for the D360 scientific informatics platform. For the last 7 years, he has led the design and development of D360 data access, analysis, and collaboration software, expanding from small molecule discovery into biologics and pre-clinical research domains. Dr. Lowis gained his Doctor of Philosophy degree from Oxford University under the supervision of Professor W. G. Richards studying computation of physical properties of small molecules in solution utilizing large scale MD and MC simulations. He holds a 1st class honors degree in chemistry from Oxford University (The Queen’s College).

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Highlights of the D360 User Group Meeting

Highlights of the D360 User Group Meeting

In early October, we held our D360 user group meeting (UGM) in Dublin, Ireland with the goal of fostering community among the users of our scientific informatics platform. In this blog post, I’ll share the UGM highlights and what’s coming up for the next UGM. Goals for this year’s meeting The meeting had three themes: […]

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