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Certara Announces New Release of SEND Explorer Software

Delivers advanced analysis to support scientific findings for regulatory submissions

PRINCETON, N.J.— March 30, 2022 – Certara, Inc., a global leader in biosimulation, today announced the release of the SEND Explorer® Product Family version 10.0. SEND Explorer allows scientists to interactively investigate study data, to efficiently identify dose-response relationships and to effectively communicate data trends with other scientists.  SEND Explorer v10.0 incorporates features designed to support and enhance data-driven decision-making.

“Robust analysis of nonclinical data is critical for safety assessments, dosing decisions and study designs.  With SEND Explorer, scientists can more effectively bridge the translational gap between the nonclinical and clinical phases and ensure that they are regulatory ready,” said Leif Pedersen, president of Software at Certara.  “We appreciate our continuous collaboration with our SEND Explorer user community, which has provided valuable feedback incorporated into this new release.”

SEND Explorer is a validated, web-based application that provides advanced viewing, data summarization and visualization capabilities for nonclinical study data.  Using SEND Explorer, scientists generate visualizations of single and multiple studies to inform decisions and quickly address questions from the FDA. 

New capabilities in the SEND Explorer product family include:

  • New visualization capabilities: Support for hierarchical x-axes expands the flexibility of multi-study visualizations, and new visualization thumbnails allow relationships to be succinctly depicted and readily communicated. 
  • Additional user controls: Support for advanced querying, new x- and y-axis customizations, the ability to flag dosing events, and the use of accordion controls enhance the end-user experience for novice and experienced users alike.
  • Technology upgrades: A refresh of underlying technologies positions SEND Explorer for continued growth and expansion for the future.

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