The Simcyp Consortium

The Simcyp Division of Certara UK Limited was founded as Simcyp Limited in 2001 by Professors Geoff Tucker and Amin Rostami-Hodjegan as a spin-out company from the University of Sheffield, UK. Simcyp was acquired by Certara in 2012 with its name changing to Certara UK (Simcyp Division) in 2018 and has continued experience dynamic growth.

The ever growing Simcyp Division now employs over 130 people including over 80 scientists, software developers, administrative, and support staff.

Proud of its history based within Sheffield, the Simcyp main offices are located at the city centre’s prestigious Digital Campus, which is ideally located close to main transport links. The Acero building in which we are located has recently become a tech hub in Sheffield.


The Simcyp Division maintains strong academic links and its science team conducts internationally recognized cutting-edge research and development.  The in-house expertise also allows the Simcyp team to provide high-level scientific, software development, offer bespoke consultancy services and run education programs around the world.

The Simcyp Consortium

The Simcyp Consortium was formed in 2001 to serve as a collaborative research center for physiologically-based pharmacokinetics (PBPK) and mechanistic modeling. Today, 36 biopharmaceutical companies (including all of the top ten global pharma) are members of the Simcyp Consortium. The end point is a series of state of the art Software simulation platforms allowing the complex science to be presented in a real world, easy to use format. As the Simcyp Consortium helps guide scientific development of the Simcyp Population-based Simulator, it ensures the software continues to meet, and exceed, industry needs.

Products and Services

The Simcyp Simulator – The Simcyp Population-based Simulator software platform streamlines drug development through the modelling and simulation of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in virtual populations. This process involves the generation of virtual populations of individuals based on ethnicity or disease state as well as vulnerable populations such as patients with impaired organ function and oncology populations. This is followed by the simulation of drug effects in these populations enabling a more streamlined generation of new medicines.

The Simulator is used by the majority of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and is the industry’s most sophisticated platform for the prediction of drug-drug interactions and pharmacokinetic outcomes in clinical populations. The Simcyp Simulator can be accessed in one of three ways; by pharmaceutical companies as a member of the Simcyp Consortium, via the Simcyp Access cloud-based licensing approach for smaller pharmaceutical companies (fewer than 500 employees) or by academic users who can apply to use the Simcyp Simulator for not-for-profit purposes.

Simcyp Paediatric – The Simcyp Paediatric Simulator allows pharmacokinetic behavior to be modelled in infants, neonates and children. This provides valuable information relevant to first-time dosing decisions and the design of clinical studies.

Simcyp In Vitro Analysis (SIVA) Toolkit – The SIVA Toolkit is a user-friendly platform, specifically designed to assist scientists with the analysis of complex in vitro studies using whole cells, tissue samples and solid dosage forms to access the metabolism, transport and dissolution/solubility of drugs. SIVA combines the latest model-based data analysis approaches with powerful optimization algorithms in a sophisticated statistical environment.

Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Initiative – QSP is being recognized by industry and global regulatory agencies as a valuable, scientific approach that can increase understanding of disease biology, improve target selection, and help to ensure drug safety and efficacy in clinical trials. Modelled after Certara’s highly successful, Simcyp ® Consortium, two QSP Consortia in partnership with leading biopharmaceutical companies, to develop an Immunogenicity and an Immuno-oncology Simulator platform allow members to work together in a pre-competitive environment to advance development in these areas.

Quantitative Systems Toxicology and Safety Initiative – A new QSTS initiative has been established to focus on understanding the mechanistic determinants of drug toxicity and the development of predictive QSTS software tools. Leveraging Simcyp’s modelling and software development expertise, the combined integrated efforts will provide a holistic, quantitative approach to simultaneously assess drug efficacy, safety, and therapeutic index.


Simcyp also offers consultancy services on all aspects of drug ADME and PK/PD data analysis and interpretation. Using a client’s data, our consultancy scientists can advise on the design of PBPK models and deliver independent analysis, interpretation, and reports. This service is ideally suited to those clients who do not have the resources, time, or need to use our simulation technology directly.

Workshops and On-Site Education

Simcyp offers an educational program of hands-on workshops on various aspects of model-based drug development. The full week-long workshops cover the incorporation of population variability into the mechanistic prediction of PK and modelling of PK-PD whereas the 2-day focused workshops cover in-depth some of the major topics in model-based drug development.

The Simcyp on-site education program provides bespoke simulator-training sessions at the client’s site. The program caters to small groups of scientists with specific training requests and support, through to larger workshop-style sessions which will be tailored to your specific requirements.

The Future

The Simcyp Division continues to grow and explore further scientific areas presenting them in state of the art Software Platforms. The division is proud to contribute as part of Certara, the global leader in model-informed drug development, regulatory science, market access and real-world evidence and access services.

Career Opportunities

Certara and Simcyp are always seeking talented individuals that are aligned to our vision.  Please visit the link below to explore current opportunities:

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